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Want a reliable, kind dentist that provides incredible value for the money? DentistNearMe is one of Canada's largest dental directories, offering access to Canadian dentists in every city. If you're looking to improve your oral health, you've come to the right place!

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Since DentistNearMe began over 10 years ago, we have provided innovative solutions for Canadians to find and connect with local dental offices of all types. From general dentistry available in the comfort of a private home or hotel suite, to cosmetic clinics offering the latest treatments for a brighter smile, people can find and book dental appointments from right across the country.

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people search for a dentist on DentistNearMe. This is because we understand that people want something convenient, mobile-friendly, and easily understood. They want an easy way to choose from a range of dental professionals in their area, and be able to book an appointment online without waiting on hold or talking to someone at an impersonal call centre.

Personalized Dentists For Your Care

Our dentists are trained professionals who specialize in oral care and oral health solutions. While they may offer a wide range of services from root canals to x-rays, orthodontics to gum disease treatments, every one of them shares the same goal: To improve the health and appearance of your teeth using non-invasive methods where possible.

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Improving Dental Regularity

We make it easier for patients to have regular dental visits because they know what they can expect when they go into the office each time. And it explains why every single dentist with their own practice listed on DentistNearMe has invested heavily in marketing so that patients know exactly what will happen when they book an appointment with them!

Industry Dental Leader

Our team has quickly become the Canadian leader in finding high-quality dentists in Canada. Through years of excellent service to our customers, we have grown to be one of the most trusted online referral services by dental professionals and patients. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve this already stellar service.

Great Customer Service

Our mission is to provide such a high level of service that you'll have no idea how you could possibly live without us! Of course, your dentist plays a large role in the quality of your dental care and experience. The dentist who has been treating you, or whomever referred you to us will help guide you through this process.

Save You Time & Money

Our goal is also to deliver value for money by saving you time & hassle on the phone or web-based chatting system, getting time with an available dentist sooner, and delivering your care more efficiently and effectively than with any other dentist finder service in Canada.

New Dentists Added Weekly

Moreover, we are constantly updating our database so that those searching for a new dentist can count on getting correct information about all the dentists near them, and if they need it, a phone number verified directly by us from the dentist's office staff so that they can reach them immediately.

Friendly & Reliable

It is important for our customers not only to get great advice when looking for a new dentist but also to know exactly who he or she is talking with when they call or e-mail us at DentistNearMe. If you are looking for a new dentist in Canada then please consider DentistNearMe first! We are your best source when looking for a new dentist across Canada!

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Our success is measured by not only our ability to consistently deliver high quality dental care, but also in helping build relationships with valued and respected clients. Providing exceptional dental services has never been more important – with a society that is increasingly aware of the importance of preventative care leading to healthier mouths and bodies. An educated public is generally aware that cavities can lead to tooth loss and oral health issues are closely linked with overall health and wellness.

So what makes DentistNearMe different? We constantly draw on the feedback from our satisfied patients and staff in order to make improvements in every aspect of our business, so we can ensure the best possible experience for your next visit.

We also consider our dentists as partners who own their own practice - giving them a great amount of autonomy in delivering excellent service. As a result, they have developed practices that cater to individual needs – including offering after-hours appointments, Saturday hours, or even accommodating specialized dental requirements like Invisalign or OraSure™ DNA kits for oral diagnosis.

Our team has been dedicated to providing Canadians with exceptional dental services for close to ten years. We are the driving force in changing the way Canadians book their dental appointments. Accessing high quality, professional dental services has never been easier with our easy to use platform. To get in touch with a dentist, reach out today or use our Find feature!

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