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    Pamela Aaralyn
    April 30, 2022

    It is so difficult to find a specialist who knows what they’re doing- at least that is what I experienced prior to meeting Dr. Atwood. I went to a non-specialized cosmetic dentist for full top row crowns. I was in a lot of pain daily and couldn’t figure out why. Dr. Atwood worked efficiently and patiently to correct issues of placement with the prior crowns and made me an entire new set. I haven’t been an easy patient- I metabolize lidocaine too quickly and he has to work super fast to get the job done- he has had to work outside of the box for my unique issues and truly has done a fantastic job at it. He and his team have saved me from ever increasing bone loss and tons of pain. My former crowns were coming loose for no reason and my life revolved around pain until this office resolved it for me. As a public figure, it is so important for me to resolve my dental issues. When thousands of people see your smile daily, it matters. Former dentistry had caused ongoing damage for me that was only worsening. Dr. Atwood went out of his way working with a local endodontist to help her remove my temporary crowns when my root damage required additional root canals right in the middle of his treatment plan. He drove across town to her office and showed her how to remove the temporary teeth and how to put them back on. I’d recommend that anyone reading this know two things- 1) If you want implants or restorative dentistry of any kind, see a specialist and choose THIS specialist; 2) This dentist is acclimatized to unusual situations and will work very hard to get the job done perfectly and comfortably, even if you’re a tough case. His entire team show profound compassion, precision, visionary thinking and ethics. I’ll post a photo soon when my permanent crowns are complete.

    Joyce Jenkins
    August 17, 2021

    Modern office. Pleasant staff. Felt treatment plan was arrived at collaboratively. Great result!

    Amber Wickham
    May 04, 2021

    Dr Atwood is amazing. He is honest, and very personable. He made me feel comfortable, and at ease with his treatment reccomendations. He explained things well, and clearly had pride in the quality of his work. I feel confident that he is the dentist who will best help me resolve my dental issues, and needs.

    Debra Shults
    February 05, 2020

    My former dentist made a chaotic mess of my implants. Dr. Atwood not only fixed it, but made an amazing job look easy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

    Reanna Seal
    May 15, 2020

    Dr Atwood and his staff are amazing, I am now able to live without the horrific oral pain I was in and my dentures fit perfect on the first go. God Bless Dr. Atwood and his staff :)

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